Power off system issue, KIII PRO just reboot

I am having issues with unit power down while using LibreELEC or CoreELEC 8.90.4. I am getting restarts in both system (power off system through KODI), it never shut down unit properly to green LED, always blue LED. Also when used shutdown via SSH, same result = just restart. However when I take out SD card and boot to Android “VITMOD 5.0”, shutdown works fine (unit goes to green LED).

I have KIII PRO unit, S912, 3G/16G, I used DTB image “gxm_q200_k3_pro”

Could be parallel system (VITMOD) reason for restarts when it suppose to shut down? Bootloader is 7.1.2 (see attached picture) rather than stock one 7.1.1

Thanks for help

Hi, run in CE Terminal


and show the result

Hi, below is the log, what does the command fw_printenv show ?

CoreELEC:~ # fw_printenv
bootcmd=if test ${bootfromnand} = 1; then setenv bootfromnand 0; saveenv; else run libreelec; fi; run storeboot
cmdline_keys=if keyman init 0x1234; then if keyman read usid ${loadaddr} str; then setenv bootargs ${bootargs} androidboot.serialno=${usid};setenv serial ${usid};fi;if keyman read mac ${loadaddr} str; then setenv bootargs ${bootargs} mac=${mac} androidboot.mac=${mac};fi;if keyman read deviceid ${loadaddr} str; then setenv bootargs ${bootargs} androidboot.deviceid=${deviceid};fi;fi;
factory_reset_poweroff_protect=echo wipe_data=${wipe_data}; echo wipe_cache=${wipe_cache};if test ${wipe_data} = failed; then run init_display; run storeargs;if mmcinfo; then run recovery_from_sdcard;fi;if usb start 0; then run recovery_from_udisk;fi;run recovery_from_flash;fi; if test ${wipe_cache} = failed; then run init_display; run storeargs;if mmcinfo; then run recovery_from_sdcard;fi;if usb start 0; then run recovery_from_udisk;fi;run recovery_from_flash;fi;
init_display=osd open;osd clear;imgread pic logo bootup $loadaddr;bmp display $bootup_offset;bmp scale
initargs=rootfstype=ramfs init=/init console=ttyS0,115200 no_console_suspend earlyprintk=aml-uart,0xc81004c0 ramoops.pstore_en=1 ramoops.record_size=0x8000 ramoops.console_size=0x4000
libreelec=run librefromsd; run librefromusb
librefromsd=mmcinfo; if fatload mmc 0 ${loadaddr} kernel.img; then run sddtb; setenv bootargs ${bootargs} bootfromsd; bootm; fi
librefromusb=usb start 0; if fatload usb 0 ${loadaddr} kernel.img; then run usbdtb; setenv bootargs ${bootargs} bootfromusb; bootm; fi
preboot=run bcb_cmd; run factory_reset_poweroff_protect;run upgrade_check;run init_display;run storeargs;run upgrade_key;forceupdate;run switch_bootmode;
recovery_from_flash=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} aml_dt=${aml_dt} recovery_part={recovery_part} recovery_offset={recovery_offset};if itest ${upgrade_step} == 3; then if ext4load mmc 1:2 ${dtb_mem_addr} /recovery/dtb.img; then echo cache dtb.img loaded; fi;if ext4load mmc 1:2 ${loadaddr} /recovery/recovery.img; then echo cache recovery.img loaded; wipeisb; bootm ${loadaddr}; fi;else fi;if imgread kernel ${recovery_part} ${loadaddr} ${recovery_offset}; then wipeisb; bootm ${loadaddr}; fi;
recovery_from_sdcard=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} aml_dt=${aml_dt} recovery_part={recovery_part} recovery_offset={recovery_offset};if fatload mmc 0 ${loadaddr} aml_autoscript; then autoscr ${loadaddr}; fi;if fatload mmc 0 ${loadaddr} recovery.img; then if fatload mmc 0 ${dtb_mem_addr} dtb.img; then echo sd dtb.img loaded; fi;wipeisb; bootm ${loadaddr};fi;
recovery_from_udisk=setenv bootargs ${bootargs} aml_dt=${aml_dt} recovery_part={recovery_part} recovery_offset={recovery_offset};if fatload usb 0 ${loadaddr} aml_autoscript; then autoscr ${loadaddr}; fi;if fatload usb 0 ${loadaddr} recovery.img; then if fatload usb 0 ${dtb_mem_addr} dtb.img; then echo udisk dtb.img loaded; fi;wipeisb; bootm ${loadaddr};fi;
sdc_burning=sdc_burn ${sdcburncfg}
sddtb=if fatload mmc 0 ${dtb_mem_addr} dtb.img; then else store dtb read $dtb_mem_addr; fi
storeargs=setenv bootargs ${initargs} androidboot.selinux=${EnableSelinux} logo=${display_layer},loaded,${fb_addr},${outputmode} maxcpus=${maxcpus} vout=${outputmode},enable hdmimode=${hdmimode} cvbsmode=${cvbsmode} hdmitx=${cecconfig} cvbsdrv=${cvbs_drv} pq=${pq} androidboot.firstboot=${firstboot} jtag=${jtag}; setenv bootargs ${bootargs} androidboot.hardware=amlogic;run cmdline_keys;setenv bootargs ${bootargs} androidboot.slot_suffix=${active_slot};
storeboot=if imgread kernel ${boot_part} ${loadaddr}; then bootm ${loadaddr}; fi;run update;
switch_bootmode=get_rebootmode;if test ${reboot_mode} = factory_reset; then run recovery_from_flash;else if test ${reboot_mode} = update; then run update;else if test ${reboot_mode} = cold_boot; then else if test ${reboot_mode} = fastboot; then fastboot;fi;fi;fi;fi;
try_auto_burn=update 700 750;
update=run usb_burning; run sdc_burning; if mmcinfo; then run recovery_from_sdcard;fi;if usb start 0; then run recovery_from_udisk;fi;run recovery_from_flash;
upgrade_check=echo upgrade_step=${upgrade_step}; if itest ${upgrade_step} == 3; then run init_display; run storeargs; run update;else fi;
upgrade_key=if gpio input GPIOAO_2; then echo detect upgrade key; sleep 3;if gpio input GPIOAO_2; then run update; fi;fi;
usb_burning=update 1000
usbdtb=if fatload usb 0 ${dtb_mem_addr} dtb.img; then else store dtb read $dtb_mem_addr; fi
CoreELEC:~ #

I had to try this on my KIII pro, using the same .dtb and 8.90.4. I must admit I’ve never seen a green led however I don’t usually shutdown my unit and I’ve never used android on it.

Mine seems to go from blue led to red led when shutting down via the menu in Kodi. Does it indicate standby?

Hi Rascal, I am very sorry, it is red led (not green led).

Using coreelec or even libreelec I can not get red led (standby) mode working, it could be related somehow to paralel system (android or maybe 7.1.2 bootloader or so).

Thanks to let me know that KIII PRO does shutdown to standby when correctly configured.

I will wait for bumerc if there is anything strange on my box…

No problem, I do also have android on the internal and I’m running CoreELEC from SD if that makes any difference.

Not directly related to your problem but I had alot of issues with reboot from every CoreELEC version up until 8.90.3. On reboot my box would sometimes either shut down, get stuck at black screen or at mecool logo.

On 8.90.4 something changed and I don’t think a single reboot failed since, athough I don’t reboot often.

Good to know…

I am about to just install CoreELEC and delete any android. The best I assume is to keep just CoreELEC and no android at all. Install CoreELEC to unit flash as one and the only system.

it shows u-boot (Bootloader) environment -> commands and variables for controlling the boot process.

You are using a modified Android system, apparently the author of this build has integrated a multiboot option.

  • Install original Android OS and try again

It is working now, it was really related to Android system and dual boot (VITMOD android 7.1.2 together with NEUTRINO).

When I revert back to original stock firmware 7.1.1 from Sep, shutdown works just fine with Red LED when you power off system from KODI.

Thanks bumerc