Power on/off with minix neo a2 remote with odroid N2

Hi, can anyone give laymans instructions on how to get a ‘Minix NEO A2 lite’ remote power button to work so that it powers down and boots up an ‘Odroid N2’? Thanks in advance.

Please read the following guide.

I could not configure (Odroid N2,CE 9.0.3 and last nightly) the power button on the Minix Neo A2 lite. Through SSH, I got the following:
Received IRMP code:remotewakeup = ‘0xe718fe01’, decode_type = ‘0x0’, remotewakeupmask = ‘0xffffffff’
I added these values to config.ini and rebooted N2. But does not work. What have I done wrong?
One more thing. The on-off button on the Minix turns off the Odroid c2 by default, but N2 not.

You need to configure the OS as well as the bootloader using meson-ir or amremote.

Thanks, I’ll try. But what is wrong with the bootloader configuration?

Your post was somewhat ambiguous and I couldn’t tell if your problem is with powering off or powering on.

Sorry for my bad english. My problems:
1- the IR wakeup code does not work. Did according to this HowTо.I do not understand what is wrong, i will carefully repeat.
2 - Switching off does not work.Thanks to the help of adamg, I still have to configure the meson-IR :slight_smile: