Ppsspp bios for emuelec addon

Where I place psp bios on emuelec 3.7 addon for corelec? I read an article where I put a PPSSPP folder(with its files) in Retroarch/system/PPSSPP directory. Inside retroarch menu from emuelec addon, in core information firmware:, it writes in system/PPSSPP directory and shows a zim file too.

I found and downloaded the PPSSPP file but i dont know where to place it because i couldnt find any /system directory inside /STORAGE directory? Where should i place it?

IIRC, PPSSPP doesn’t require a bios file.

The system bios files for other systems go in /storage/roms/bios and the PSP roms themselves go in /storage/roms/psp

You can find supported systems’ rom paths and supported file formats here:

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