Prevent N2 boot on power on

Is it possible? It’s really annoying when the power outage occurs, especially at night

How is that annoying? Don’t you sleep at night? :slight_smile:

After the outage - no. It’s too much light from TV that turns on by CEC

Why don’t you turn OFF that feature on your N2?
You can find it on Settings/System/Peripherals/CEC adapter.
You can turn on the N2 with the tv you don’t need the other way.

I need all CEC features for normal use. The problem happens on power failures.
I expect behavior like with ATX power management. Power appearance doesn’t turn on PC (unless you set in BIOS intentionally) and it just waits for signals (button, WOL, timer etc.) for turning on.

You can have all the CEC features, you need to turn off only this:
Devices to power on during startup

But I use this feature. I turn on N2 by remote and AVR/TV are turned on by CEC

Turn on your tv and it will turn your N2 on.

But the N2 is not a PC, it doesn’t have a BIOS and it doesn’t have the same power management features you would find on a modern PC system’s BIOS.

I set the “Devices to power on during startup” to “None”, and the N2 still turns on my TV when I unplug and plug the power supply.
It’ll turn on the TV during power outages in this case…

I agree. I mentioned PC just to show the behavior. Doesn’t the bootloader exist to implement such features?

You should turn off this too:
Switch source to this device on startup.
Because that function also wakes up your tv.

Ah, I see… I tested it, and it works.
The N2 didn’t turn on my TV after startup, nice…

But, there’s a problem…
After waking up, Kodi didn’t recognize my TV remote. I need to switch the TV HDMI input back and forth for Kodi to recognize it.

Found a workaround though, instead of Suspend, i need to Shutdown the N2. It’ll then recognize my TV remote after booting up.

I have 2 option:
Suspend and wakes up fast, but need to switch HDMI inputs.
Shutdown and starts up slow, but don’t need to switch HDMI inputs.
I’m pretty lazy, so I choose option 2, lol…