Problem delay remote controller KIpro s905x

Hi, since first time than i try coreelec, I have problems with the original IR remote of the tvbox Ki Pro s905, it turns out that since I press a button, until it moves, there is a delay of approximately 0.5s

This is very cumbersome because when you are writing for example with the arrows, if for example you want to go to the “S” key, you end up unwittingly in the “A” key

How can I solve it?

I have tried for example another controller like that of the xbox 360 and it works perfect, also from the mobile with the app Kore works perfect, but I do not know how to fix it.

Also say that in libreelec the command works perfectly and I have asked several colleagues and they all have the same problem with the original controller of the tvbox Ki Pro s905x

Thanks a lot

Here is some good information for you to read.

i try all, u can configure the movement speed but no the reaction time while u press a button

thats the problem

when u press any button, u have a 0.5 lags to view the action in the tv

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did you find a solution?