Problem with Audio on Minix uh-9


When I try to play for example Avengers Endgame it just crops the audio and the icons on the AVR just flashes and no audio is being played but video is working fine. AVR says DD+ as format.
Same with TrueHD for some movies.

I have enabled passthrough and checked all the boxes for the formats, my receiver Yamaha RX-V683 has support for all the formats. I unchecked the transcoder format. I have selected 2.1 channels as this has no meaning for my HDMI connection.

What settings should be set with 5.1 system, receiver and using HDMI?
Minix is connected to AVR->TV


Try a different HDMI cable.

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Thanks for the reply.
I have tried another cable and same issue, also it worked fine on the other platform which I am now allowed to mention. Only reason I wanted to try Corelec was due to the lack of updates on the previous platform.

I will troubleshoot some more and bring a log if I cant get it to work! Thanks

If you have sync audio to display enabled, you need to disable that option. (or try a clean install if you restored from backup)

CoreELEC has no issues with audio or audio passthrough. If you’re using bitstream, then select the HDMI output in the passthrough section. For multi channel PCM, you need to select the Multi Ch HDMI audio device at the top, and set the correct amount of channels.

Edit, I forgot for a second you were talking about the UH-9, which doesn’t have “Multi Ch HDMI” audio device, as that’s a -ng only thing. In either case, I don’t know why you have this problem, but from my personal experience, I never had any issues with bitstreaming from CE.

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