Problem with dtb, possible fake box?

Hi Folks,

i just bought a X88 Pro x3 4/32 gb. i can’t get it to boot with the 4gb device tree that should suit my box. i had similar issue with an x96 Max box that turned out was fake and was actually the 2/16 version of the x96 . so i tried the 2/16 version of dtb in the X88 and it booted in to CoreELEC just fine.

what is confusing me however, is if i boot in to android and launch kodi in android, it suggests i have 4gb of ram, and available storage is 26gb suggesting it really is a 4/32.

anyone have any ideas? anyone come across the rom being hacked to suggest inflated storage and RAM? (on my ‘fake’ x96 box, same checks in android only show 2gb ram and 10gb free space confirming it is only a 2/16)


The storage is another story, it should be the same in both cases but RAM can be faked in android. There are proven cases of that happening in the past. If you search for fake RAM in the forum you can find those cases.

OK thanks! i found those threads. seems like there is something screwy with the X88 as RAM seems to be issue for all who have used it. i paid pennies for it second hand and it runs pretty well with the 2gb RAM dtb, so i guess all is good…

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