Problem with EAC3 independent + EAC3 (dependent) streams

Hello CoreElec-Team,

there ist a Problem in Kodi to play EAC3 7.1 Dolby Digital Plus from Web (iTunes).
This is a well known bug wich is never fixed on Kodi.
I found a Solution I think, here is an Android Build in which the Problem should be solved.
I myself can’t edit the File because I got no knowing about compiling anything and there is no solution to mount the Systemfiles and edit them as I know.
Is it possible to build the Solution in the next release from CoreElec?
Here is the Link to the SourceCode: “AEStreamInfo: Support EAC3 independent + EAC3 (dependent) streams · popcornmix/xbmc@d865c1b · GitHub” hope this helps.
Would be perfect if anyone can Play Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 Files from Web without any Problems.


I think the actual Kodi PR from that patch was already discussed CoreELEC 20.2-Nexus Amlogic-ne Discussion - #5 by Portisch which of course will be based on the version of CE you are using.

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