Problem with HDMI CEC on a new TCL TV

A little help guys, i face a weird problem with HDMI CEC on a new TCL TV in the bedroom.

The TV Box is a Tanix SX3 (S905x3 2gb ram) running CoreELEC 20.2 and so far, CEC was working fine with an ancient 32" LG tv, but i had to upgrade cause it’s screen was slowly giving up.
Yesterday i bought a TCL 32S5400AF 32’’ FHD SMART tv with ANDROID 11 and i face this:

The box is connected and seen OK by the TV but CEC is not working as it should.

CEC is working OK only if i enable this weird on scren remote on the TV (by pressing the “Menus” option):

Then, remote commands are passed to the box, for as long as this on scren remote is enabled (and visible).
So the facts are:
The box and the HDMI cable are working OK.
The TV can see the box, but it does not control it without this weird on scren remote.
This must be a TV (software) problem, not a CoreELEC or TV-Box problem.

Any clues how to remedy this?

PS. Sorry if this is not the right forum category…

Yeah, this overlay come in the older tcl firmwares. I have c825, and the newer version of the firmwares works fine without this annoying overlay.
So the issue on TCL side.

Thanks frodo19
I’ll start looking around for an updated version.

When Update possible, you can find at TCL atv Telegram group

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