Problem with sound while Kvim3L connected to TV and Denon receiver

Hello all, I just received my K VIM3L and I have issues with audio dropout on audio receiver. For example I am playing a 4k HDR Atmos movie, and from time to time (apoximately 3-4 max 5 minutes) I have audio dropout on receiver. It goes from Atmos to stereo and no sound for 1-2 seconds than get’s back to atmos.

The weird thing is that this happens also while watching TV (channels) while the SBC is powered on.
Did anyone encountered this kind of issue?

Thank you !

Could be due to a bad HDMI or incorrect audio settings.
In addition, Kodi still has a bug where very high bitrate Atmos will cause dropouts. But this doesn’t happen normally, only in some movies and only in very specific timestamps, where the bitrate is too high.

I have the good audio settings . Before kvim I had a x96 max but I had dropouts due to a failure of the Lan port. Used wifi and everything was ok. I eliminated the Lan possibility from kwim3L. That is not the issue.
I am using the same HDMi’s and same tv->receiver settings.

Kvim → TV
TV → denon receiver (hdmi EARC)

And by the way is does on every movie , even 720p and dolby digital. So the high bitrate is out . I just said that it cuts the sound even when I am watching TV and the Vim is just powered on . If I power it off it does not make the sound issue.

Now I am playing a movie the backplate has 70 degrees I think. Could this be a cause?

Yes. If your device is overheating, it can cause degraded performance, stutters and other issues.
You can run the command cputemp in SSH to get an idea of the actual SoC temperature.

The temperature is maximum
60 degrees while watching 4k,hdr atmos movie with continuous download into Ram.
I just installed android pie on kwim and the problem is not there anymore. It’s possible that coreelec is the issue?!

Found the issue. The power adapter. I was using a 2.4A at 5V power adapter. I switched to a usb PD power adapter 27w. Works like a charm.
Thank you and sorry for the long posting.

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