Problematic playback on N2, not on S912

I play a lot of movies/videos that are using H.264 codec, mostly playing these files on my Odroid N2 in my living room. Most movies play alright, but too many have some really messed up playback. It is hard do describe, but it looks like continuous micro -lag, an extremely shoppy playback. The audio usually flows smooth though, the problem is the picture.
The funny thing is, that I test the same files on my less powerful Minix U9-H, they are played flawlessly, perfectly smooth.
I have no idea, but I assume it is something related to any setting that is the issue here. So I turn to the experts here, does this issue ring any bell, do you know from the top of your head what this might relate to?
I checked my logfiles but they don’t really tell much, however, like the good member of CoreElec forum that I believe and hope I am, I will attach some logs:
Kodi Log
Hardware Log
Audio Log

Thanks in advance!

exact the same problem here

Are the files local or remote? I have noticed on different devices that micro judder can be caused by poor Wifi. The files seem to play fine but are in fact struggling. High Temperatures can also cause micro judder in my experience but that shouldn’t be a problem with the C2.

Hi @PatrickJB. In my case, temperature is not a factor, it is an issue from the start. Poor wifi isn’t an issue either, since I strictly use a wired network for these machines.
The files are stored on my Synology NAS, but neither that should be an issue. Most movies plays great, and even more demanding files are smoother. It is always the same movies that are problematic, but only on the N2. As previously stated, they play just fine on the less powerful Minix U9-H.

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As your board is from a supported vendor then you will get help when somebody notices your post. If any of the mods are about perhaps they could move this post to support? I was think of buying an N2 but will wait and see how this all pans out.

Good Luck

Could you share a small sample of your problematic files?
I also own a N2 and some other chines boxes (S905 and S912).
I could make some tests to see if the issues are present in my boxes.

As @felixob said, some samples of the in problematic are helpful to find the problem

Hi guys, thanks for your immediate support, really appreciate that.
I successfully detached a 2-minute video (like 280 mb), it should be untouched in terms of codecs, however, I did not try this file on my N2 yet.

Just for your information, my kids found more movies today that behaves in the same way, and I do believe we didn’t have these issues earlier.

Thanks in advance!

Probably better to upload a file that you can confirm as working or not.

This particular one will not play correctly for me on either my S912 or S905X2 and is practically still frame, with audio working fine.

Yes, I just tested it on my N2 and this video clip has the same faulty behavior like the movie. You described it good, it is like a still frame that runs smooth for a second, then a still frame for a couple of seconds and so it goes on. I have other movies where the issue isn’t that obvious, more like continuous micro lag

Tested it on my S912 a moment after and it is smooth as silk. Let me try to share a shaky video of it here, give a minute or two

So to summarize my issues. I have a lot of videos that doesn’t play good at all on my N2, that plays perfectly smooth on my older Minix U9-H with S912 chipset. I assume that there are some settings related to this and that it is my fault/responsibility, but so far I haven’t succeeded in identifying these, hence this thread.

Strange, but your sample plays fine on my N2

Does it? Well, that is really good. In that case it is definitely a bad setting or similar on my N2.

May I ask what you have to play the audio? Do you have a real amplifier? For my N2, I have a Samsung N860 Atmos Soundbar. But my S912 is connected to a “real” Onkyo amplifier. Can this has something to do with refresh rates and pass-through or something like that?
I am travelling for a week so I have no possibility to switch devices.

There are more people having issues with this file though, how does your audio system look like?

@Exile82 I have an N2 connected directly to the TV via HDMI, no fancy sound system and your sample plays like a slide show for me, stuck frames and constant jerking. Using nightly 20200710

Thanks @roidy, then my gut feeling is that @boot2k3 has a more advanced system. Even my 912-box plays this, but is connected to a good Onkyo amplifier. But it is just a feeling

It’s some test patch I have on my system. It will take some time to find correct one, but it could be fixed soon :wink:

Really really appreciate that you put time on this @boot2k3!

I made some test (very quickly):
S912 (CE) --> OK
N2 (CE) --> Issues
S905x3 (CE) --> Issues
S905x3 (Android Kodi) --> OK

It seems a problem with the ‘ng’ version of CE.

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Thanks for contributing!

Your sample has “ReFrames : 10 frames” which is not common; usually 3-5 frames are used…
Can you check other problematic movies what value they have for ReFrames ?
Also check how these problematic movies play on N2 with hardware acceleration disabled.

Hi @Sholander. Of course, I am here to support the troubleshooting. But in this case, is it an issue if the ReFrames are 10 frames instead of 3-5? I mean, it works great on less powerful SoCs, so why not on a N2?
I am travelling so I can check this in a week’s time unfortunately. But I will check the other movies as well!