Problems installing Widevine on Kodi 19.5

I´m new here and also new in the topic of Coreelec. I Installed Kodi 19.5 on my System after I had a problem installing the waipu PVR Addon on my device. It´s an 905x prcesor wich 2 gb memmory inside. By installing wiapu the installation asks for widevine. By (Re)installing it the system hangs. So i installed Kodi 19.5 to try it there. the installation starts, it hangs at aqproximatlliy 60% and after a while the device reboots. The widevine is not installed.
Can someone please help me?

Thanks a lot


It´s EOL - support is closed.
Pls install a supported version of CE

OK I will install release 20. But as i mentioned in the post i also had porblems on 20.2. The system stopped working, i had to pull the power supply

You wrote about kodi 19.5, no word about 20.2.
Try a fresh install.
S905X is a realy old box, maybee You need new hardware

Now i found some time to make a fresh installation. I used the 20.2 image and after this fresh installation I looked for the addon, installed it and ried to download the widevine. After approx. 60 percent the developemnt stopped. I Can move the mouse pointer but nothing more is happening. And after i while i see the start screen.

I looked in the Path for widevine. it was empty. the directory said 68747470733A2F2F64726D2E77707374722E7476

It seems that I solved the Problem. I wanted to give up and looked for other addons I wanted to install. With the disney addon I installed an alternative tool for widevine. Disney worked and also Waipu.
Thanks for your help, guys

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