Problems setting up shared library

I’m setting up a few Odroid C4 devices with CoreELEC and a shared library, following this guide.
I followed the instructions to install Entware.
I could export an NFS share.
I installed MariaDB 10.9.3 from Entware, and could connect from my laptop.
However, Kodi logs:
Unable to open database: kodi_video122 [1043](Bad handshake)

Then I found out there’s a Mariadb addon from the CoreELEC github repository, so I replaced the one in Entware with that, since it’s probably the same version used to build Kodi.
But I was mistaken, and still get the same error message.

Can anyone help me?

There is a bug in version 21.0 of Omega beta 1. It is fixed in the nightly version:

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