Problems when playback starts/stops

hi, sometimes, when i switch a source e.g. when i play back a stream, movie or something else, my TV shows “no signal”. i then have to switch the input of the TV from Media Player to DVD and back a couple of times, then it works again. It feels like as if there is some kind of timeout while switching the source which then leads to the behaviour of the TV. In case i start a movie and this happens, the movie plays in the background but i see nothing and i hear nothing, but when i switch sources then it is not at 00:00 but somewhere at 00:15 or so.
I have:
LG C65 → Odroid N2 → Marantz Cinema 50, all firmwares up2date
I did not have this a year ago but i never noticed when this first started.
Anyone an idea how to debug that? Can i see this with UART connected?

I have had the same issue with my Denon (sister company to Marantz) 2313 for a long time. I believe I read it is a handshaking issue between the Denon and the display which sometimes occurs during refresh rate adjustment. It works most of the time (guessing 19/20 times?) but I can quickly see when it’s happening and just switch inputs like you do and carry on watching. It’s a minor annoyance, but I’m just putting up with it until an AVR upgrade in the near future.

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