Problems with 2 PVR clients


Recently updated to Nexus but i dont think its related as it was all working ok after the update.

For years ive used 2 PVR clients, pvr.hdhomerundvr and the NextPVR client.

With both running on kodi the groups have always been good. it imports the SD/HD channel groups from the HD homerun client and the groups ive created in nextPVR.

Last night i noticed theres no groups to choose from in the guide or from the channels section. Just one called ‘ALL CHANNELS’, if i disable one of the pvr clients it imports the groups correctly.
The problem only arrises with both enabled and doesnt occur on my windows laptop.

As i said ive run it this way for years, ive tried updating the clients, tried a clean kodi install on my N2.

Its never needed any ‘setting up’ just install the 2 clients and it was all good.

Any ideas?

Thank you Matt

I replied to you on the Kodi forum.

Thank you.


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