Problems with Enigma2 local streaming

Hello, to everyone!
I have recently installed Coreelec 9.2.0 on my Mecool KIII PRO and I am quite happy right now.

I have just a couple of questions related to local network streaming from an Enigma2 Decoder.

  1. The Kodi Enigma2 Client addon does not work. Channels are not loaded, and i have to force my decoder to reboot because it becomes very slow with the plugin enabled.
  2. If i play m3u8 single channel playlist, downloaded from Enigma2 Webif and renamed with .strm extension, Kodi playback (h264) is not smooth, but quite jerky.

TVheadend works fine but i’d prefer using my Enigma2 decoder tuner instead of Mecool KIII Pro one.

Both problems do not occur on my older MK808b plus - Amlogic M805 running KODI 17.6 (Older Enigma2 Client Works and .strm playback is smooth)

Anyone having the same problems? I guess they depend on Kodi version more than hardware.

Thank you!

I suggest that you do not use Enigma in Kodi, but that you integrate Enigma in tvheadend (as if it were another tuner) and connect only the TVH client addon to watch the Enigma TV in all the Kodi of your network.

The reason for doing this is because almost all the hardware (with very few exceptions) that works with Enigma2 is very bad. On the contrary, the Amlogic S9xx hardware is very good and smoothly moves almost any type of video streams and simultaneously supports high communication, decryption and service speeds.

Thank you. So is there a way to use Enigma2 Tuner with Tvheadend?

Apart from that, what i don’t understand is why h264 .strm files work fine on older hardware and Kodi and are jerky on new ones…

Thank You

I don’t know Enigma2 well and never wanted to buy any Enigma2 device because of the hardware or because of the high price of the most powerful devices.

I have read that Enigma2 can generate m3u playlists of TV channels. This is the way I access my remote tuner VBox Gateway (http://<my_vbox_ip>:<port>/ChannelList.m3u) from tvheadend server. Tvheadend server does everything else: sort and group channels, assign picons, capture epg from websites, decrypt encrypted channels, timeshift, recordings, … and send them to all Kodi of my home network and even away from home using ZeroTier VPN.

If Enigma2 has the possibility of providing a SAT>IP service then this is a better solution than through m3u lists. This is what I use with my other SAT>IP remote tuner. It has the advantage that tvheadend server can directly handle the tuners and the management is better when there are many TV channels.

Thank you for your answer.

I finally managed to play m3u8 streams smoothly by disabiling deinterlacing in Coreelec Settings.
Then i tried to follow your suggestions, using Tuner Server Enigma Plugin i created playlists of all the channels but i did not find a way to access the remote tuner with Tv Headend.

I also installed Mediatomb on my E2 Decoder and added .m3u playlists (one for each channel) but i can only play them with VLC. Kodi do not recognise them as video, but only plays channels audio.

Any hint?