Problems with Orbsmart S86


I’m using CoreElec 19.4 (also tried current nightly) on my Orbsmart S86 (Beelink GT King Clone). Everything is working great but these 2 things:

First of all I can only use VNC when a HDMI cable is connected. I tried some scripts that were postet in this forum but they don’t help.

The second thing is strange. I use an USB HDD as network storage. It is connected to the 2 USB 3.0 ports. It’s an ext4 (also tried NTFS same thing) formatted 2 TB drive from Seagate (Barracuda) 2.5". Copying large files is a hit and miss. Especially when they are big (over 10 GB). The SMB share is getting mounted and unmounted a couple of times. Sometimes it works like a charm but whenever it fails the first time it will fail until I unplug the power. Sometimes it even kills the whole Orbsmart. I could connect via ssh but the reboot command doesn’t do anything.

I tried different clients (Fire TV, Windows PC, MacBook) nothing is working great. The minimum SMB version is set to 3. When setting it lower I do have even more problems. The device is connected via LAN so it’s not the WIFI. Connecting an addition USB device with the data to the Orbsmart and then copying over the files does work properly.

The USB HDD is also working perfectly on other devices, it is new (SMART values are perfect) and fsck does not find any problems. I use a couple of dockers running them is no problem but whenever “excessive” writing to the harddrive via SMB is needed the docker fails. Via netdata docker I monitored the CPU/RAM/HDD usage and it’s almost never at 100%. Also the temperatures look ok, neither the harddrive nor the CPU do show high temperatures.

What is going on here?

Here is the log:

It seems like the SMBd process gets killed because of “Out of memory: Kill process 4260 (smbd) score 3 or sacrifice child”

After the 19.4 update and adding this to the samba.conf file:

oplocks = no

It’s working now. Maybe it’s helpful for anyone

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