Problems with WiFi driver QCA9377 on S912 PCB

Problems with WiFi driver QCA9377 on S912 PCB (TV Box H96 Pro+)

Since I bought my TV Box Android H96 Pro Plus 3/32GB green PCB with WiFi chipset QCA9377 has malfunctioned, the TV Box froze when I used WiFi, but it always worked fine when I use an ethernet cable. With CoreELEC, the same thing happened.

Yesterday I replaced the QCA9377 android drivers with updated drivers from and packed the firmware again. Now android works well with ethernet cable and with WiFi.

I have searched for the QCA9377 drivers to replace them in CoreELEC firmware but I have not found it.

I have two questions:

1.- Does CoreELEC use the QCA9377 drivers of the android firmware that is installed in eMMC/NAND?

2.- If the answer to the previous question is NO, how can I replace the QCA9377 drivers in CoreELEC?

Thanks for your answer

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What dtb you where using for CE?
I also have a H96Pro+ (green PCB, 2/16G) but I use only wired LAN.

  1. no

  2. you have to compile CE again. CE is using the at: But CE is 2 commits ahead of the original…?

The 2 commits include a firmware update from the android image: “VORKE Z6 Plus 20180606.img”

Checkout CE and modify this package: to use 5e4b71211ecbb79e7693d2ee07361847f5a0cb40 insteed of d1c340302f986b06c8164b3064f1fb5722b90c6b. Then the firmware should be the same state as the boundarydevices repo.

The firmware should ge flashed when you upgrade your CE system with a new .tar file.

Thanks for your answer

gxm_q201_3g_1gbit.dtb did not work for my H96 Pro+, I use gxm_q200_k3_pro.dtb

My knowledge of Linux programming is zero and I do not have compilation tools, but thank you very much for your answer, I will try to solve it with tar updates.

I hope and request that in future CoreELEC updates the QCA9377 drivers be updated.

You have green PCB v2.2? gxm_q201_3g_1gbit.dtb is the right one!

I will compile a new 8.99.2 with the “old” firmware.

I have opened my H96 Pro+, the PCB is green and there is a label that says: “CZ 3G+32G+9377 JOB 20170401”. I do not know anything else.

Can you post pictures of the PCB? Any more labels on it? I will upload a CE tar image later.

Is it this board:

The RAM of my H96 Pro+ is 2x ‘PPE09 093TP’, that is, it seems to be DDR4.

I attach a photo

It is the same as 8.99.2 except the qca9377 driver.

Thank you, I will try what you tell me.

The new QCA9377 drivers for android finally also freeze my TV Box randomly in 5GHz WiFi.

Now I’m testing WiFi 2.4GHz but the features are very bad (WiFi link speed 72Mbps) and speed tests too (average download speed of 15Mbps).

I have also observed that with QCA9377 there is an audio delay in relation to the video, of 250ms in Kodi for Android, although not in other applications.

I think that it is not necessary to modify CoreELEC, QCA9377 is a bad WiFi device, not recommended. TV Boxes that use QCA9377 should use ethernet cable.

I also using LAN, not WiFi!

I have discovered the reason for this behavior in WiFi 5 GHz. With some 5 GHz WiFi channels it seems that a resonance occurs that affects the hardware electronics and the processor stops. To solve this, simply change the WiFi transmission channel until you find one that works well.



I have the same PCB on my box.
I would like to try using Coreelec, but i don’t have enough knowledge in linux and compiling.
The link is no longer vailable, is there any possibility one of you post a new working link?

Thanks in advance

You don’t need to compile anything. Adjust the WiFi channel like @cubimol has described above.