Problems With X96 Mini

Edit: Still not having any luck. I’ve tried multiple dtbs but the farthest I get is the CoreElec boot screen, and then the display goes dark. I even tried the generic Amlogic version of LibreELEC and that booted fine, but then none of USB slots appear to work. Neither keyboard, nor remote dongle work. I can’t figure out of its an inherent flaw with the box itself or what.

Hi there. Longtime LibreElec user on various devices but I bought my kid a 16G/2G X96 Mini Android box and figured I would give CoreElec a try. I’ve tried following the instructions and even watched a YouTube video, and no matter what I do, when I try to boot into recovery mode with the toothpick pushed down, it’s stuck on the X96 Mini boot screen. This happens with the SD card installed whether I depress the reset button or not. Any suggestions? I’ve tried both versions of the gxl_p281_2GDTB.

Update: Both of the 1G versions will result in the CoreElec boot screen but then the display goes dark so still no better other than seeing the CoreElec logo.

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