Processor temperature

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I have Vontar X96 S905X 2G/16G.
In kzzaq’s the processor temperature was 69 ° C.
With CoreELEC up to 8.90.3, temperatures ranged from 73 to 80 ° C, resulting in rare image outages.
At the latest 8.90.4, the temperature is 63 ° C and all image loss issues disappeared.

Great thanks to developers for your work.

May i ask how you can show the temperature? Thank you. :slight_smile:

Those Temp readings are high even for Kszaq’s old builds. Old LE builds usually around low 50 to mid 50c. You have an issue. Hope it’s not some addon running in the background ?

SSH Login and…
echo “cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp” > temp
chmod +x temp
watch ./temp

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Problem will be in poor quality product - bad cooling. It’s been a year. Except for occasional image outages (once per hour), everything works normally.

At me so does not transit …
cputemp - 55 C *

Don’t waste your time worrying about unnecessary things like temperature, CPU throttling will happen if it get’s too hot.


If you want to monitor your temps say every 60 seconds you can SSH in and use this command:

watch -n 60 cputemp

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Thank you, but then i get the error message: “./temp: line 1: �cat: not found”.

“watch -n 60 cputemp” works though