Proper way to install image directly to new eMMC?

Hi all, new Odroid N2 user,

Been reading around the site for a while, long term openelec/libreelec user but I have a question about the install to eMMC for an N2 device.

Ive read a bunch of install material on the site and forum including the how to install at the coreelec download page.

What is the proper way to install the coreelec image to the eMMC module?

Is it to use the USB eMMC writer on PC via USB and use the only Odroid N2 image (SD based) I can find and it will format it properly as its via USB even though its an eMMC?

Everything else I read says don’t use some ‘internalinstall’ method so I’m trying not to but nothing on the coreelec download or how to install pages addresses getting a coreelec image onto a brand new eMMC.

Other forum posts say there’s only SDcard images not eMMC images. Nothing under CoreElec forums seem to address getting a coreelec image directly onto an eMMC.

I’d be happy to be show where/how as being new to Odroid hardware its not clear to me.

Thanks in advance.

You can boot from a SD card, and then run installtoemmc once you are ready, and it will transfer your install to the emmc.

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.

Can this be added to the install guides page?

It’s got everything but this and I’ve put off buying the hardware for months not being clear at my end. No doubt others new users have same problem.

The method I use is to use the usb emmc writer (the emmc to sd adapter works as well)to burn the odroid n2 image(its the same image for both sd and emmc install) to the emmc module, then attach emmc module to the n2. However the method mentioned by thecoolest also works if you don’t have the usb writer.

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Thanks. That’s what I expected to use the USB eMMC writer for, like doing LibreElec to USB images.

Check the ODROID wiki:

Thanks for the help everyone. Got my new N2 today, setup in 5 mins, copied over my LibreElec DB and source config files and all up and running. Too easy with the eMMC-USB adapter.

This thing rivals my old mobo htpc easily. Looks like I’ll be retiring it and getting a second N2. No need for a shield/Rpi/etc anymore.