Ps3 CoreELEC

how do u install ps3 games CoreELEC 9.1

I’d be surprised if AMlogic has a SOC capable of decent PS3 emulation,

ETA Prime did an emulation test on the S922X and from memory, didn’t even mention PS3.

I hope I’m wrong but …

Ps1 is possible, and you can find instructions on how if take a quick search of the forum.

However ps2 and ps3 is not possible. There is simply no emulators for either available for arm based systems. The hardware is also not capable of emulation of either platform.

Though I’m guessing if there was an emulator available, the hardware might be able to do some ps2 titles, but that’s just a guess until someone makes an emulator that can run on an arm based system.

How about Play!(ps2) ?