Pulse Eight CEC pop up

Hi all. Coming over from LE, where I used CEC to switch TV input and turn off TV with the device. Just installed CE 8.99.1, and it works fine. But at the start there is a pop-up for Pulse Eight CEC startup, and it cover my TVHeadend EPG update progress. Is there any way to suppress the Pulse Eight CEC pop-up?
Thank you to the developers!

LE actually doesn’t hide this, the community builds do however hide this.

We used to have the CEC notification hidden but it was re-added, I will speak with the team about hiding it again.


Its good actually in case, that recognizing after TV turn ON takes longer. It prolongs a few releases back I remember. For me, it takes about 3-6sec… And after this pop-up, I know, I can start press remote controller :slight_smile:

+1 for leaving it s it is as it is useful.

The pop up is on the bottom right of the screen, wheras the EPG update is shown on the top right, so can’t see how the 2 can conflict and additionally,it’s only there for a couple of seconds.

Maybe he used other skin (can confirm that in Confluence its exactly as you wrote). I can understand that for someone could be bothering, and for some beneficial. If devs will consider remove it, please consider making it through CoreELEC item in Settings, so we could use variant best for everyone? :slight_smile:

I prefer to switch it off. I have cec enabled only to power up my tv when I power up CoreElec, and to power down my TV when I switch off CoreElec. Otherwise I don’t use CEC as I have my dedicated remote for CoreElec. In this case it’s annoying to see the pop-up. Maybe better you could enable/disable it somewhere in the settings.

Thank you for the feedback. Mine shows on the upper right. It really is not a big deal – whatever works best for the community.

Many thanks adamg
With CE 8.99.2 the CEC pop up msg has been hidden again
… still trying to figure out its utility…

Great, I did not notice yet. Thank you.

How can I disable the pop up.

I get pulse eight cec adapter warning at start up.

I don’t have cec enabled on avr or TV so shouldnt hurt to disable it somehow??

Please advice
Thanks Sim

Update to an up to date version?

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I’m running latest stable build??

It’s minimum since 9.2.2 not visible:

You can also disable CEC in Kodi settings (libCEC).