Pushing Addons to Corelec

I have used adblink to push Zip Files to install Kodi and a few other zips to my Fire Stick. The transferred zip ends up accessible through External storage on the Fire stick.
I have used WinSCP to access my CoreELEC boxes. Just curious as to where I should transfer a zip file to so that it is accessible for installation in CoreELEC. Storage maybe?

I searched zips via WinSCP and they were found here:

Second question, is there a command to push a zip over to the box via Putty?

It sounds like a lot of effort if you have multiple boxes. Why not just stick any zips in a shared folder on a pc /nas, and add that folder as a source in kodi? Then you can install directly from that folder.

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Haven’t set up a NAS yet, but found this tutorial to do so.

DIY - setup NFS File Sharing on Windows Computers - Amlogic - LibreELEC Forum

My router is complicated, as I have my rokus, fire stick and kodi boxes going through a one vpn and laptops/phones (wifi) going through a different vpn. I will consolidate this but I’, not sure how that impacts NAS.

I sorted the first question out - I dropped a zip into the /storage/ folder and then went to the box and found the zip under root filesystem/storage. It installed no problem. I should have figured this out before creating a thread.

Still curious about the putty command. matbe a string with wget?

I don’t think you can do this with putty since putty is a mirror of your Coreelec machines console - the console has no awareness of the machine you are linked to and accessing Coreelec from. You would have to set up a samba share or some other share type and do some sort of file transfer from the command line - not a fun exercise.

You have the right idea. I generally drop my pushed zip files into the Download folder on the Coreelec storage and I generally use SAMBA to do the push.


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Thanks for your help guys.

I simply created a “Zips” folder in “Userdata” and transfer files to it via SAMBA. Has the added benefit of being backed up by the CoreElec backup tool.