PVR Addons fail to install


I’m having some trouble getting a couple of PVR Add-ons to install from the coreelec repository. I dug into the logs and found where the add-ons.coreelec.org/9.0 site was giving a 404 error. So I plugged the URL into a browser to make sure it wasn’t my box (Minix UH-9).

Long and the short is I think the addon site is down and didn’t know a better way to check on that. I’m at work so don’t have access to logs but can get them up this evening if it turns out to be something else.


Which version of CoreELEC are you running?

Latest release. 9.0.1

9.0.1 does not use that URL.

Refer to the post I made here.

Ok, I’ll get that taken care of. Thanks!