PVR HDR Auto Switching



I just noticed that when watching 4K (DVB-S2) channels via PVR (TVHeadend 4.2) my TV doesn’t auto switch to HDR and proper color space. You need to manually force both settings in the TV configuration.

I thought that maybe TVHeadend doesn’t support the HDR properly but I found this topic : https://tvheadend.org/issues/5296

Is anyone experiencing this issue?


Did it ever work? Also, 4K doesn’t automatically mean HDR.


I don’t think it ever did. This is more of an bug fix/feature request I guess. Yah, I’m aware of the fact 4K doesn’t always mean HDR but I tested bunch of the live tv channels with HDR support and autoswitch just isn’t there/doesn’t work.


Support for HDR is built into the kernel, so I’m not sure what exactly is going on there. I don’t think that any of our devs have sat TV, and especially sat TV with HDR channels…
Note: If the channels use HLG, that’s not supported.


I tested the 4K channels that are FTA so maybe if any of the devs has DVB-S2 configuration, they could also find some “test” channels on their TVH. As far as I know channels are HDR10, not HLG.


What is your device?


Mecool KIII Pro


Iirc autoswitch requires a refresh rate change. But the stream probably changes HDR/non HDR on the fly


That’s not how it works. When a HDR stream is encountered, the box will switch the TV into HDR mode. Adjusting the color depth requires resolution/refresh rate change, switching HDR on/off doesn’t.


Hmm I checked codec details on my VLC and looks like the channel indeed is in HLG…

Rest of them aren’t currently broadcasting HDR content, just regular BT.709


Nice, mystery solved then :slight_smile: