PVR iptv simple client pause and record function

I’m fairly new to iptv ive been using it for the last few weeks and I’m quite impressed the only thing I can’t work out how to do or if it’s possible is recording live tv and pausing? There is a menu item in TV that says recordings but I can’t find any record option.
Is it possible?

There’s no pause or record in the pvr.iptvsimple from the kodi repo. Whether there are other versions around that work I don’t know - there have been in the past. There’s an addon in the kodi forum that might do what you want:
iptv recorder

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Thanks, I’ll give it a go

Work it with Coreelec?
It dont work by me.
I´m it instaled, install ffmpeg-tols, giv the ffmpeg location as
and ru itn, I see this message:
“unpack the xmltv file 0%”
After this: “Error… see log file”
What is incorrectly?

It didn’t work for me either, everything seemed to install OK but there was no record button or option to record

Would make a great addition to kodi 19, it seems like a basic feature that’s been missed