Pvr iptv simple client

I have 19.2-Matrix_rc2 (Stable) installed
after setting the archive in pvr it works

but after restart it never shows that the archive is active
settings remain, but no archive

each time the addon needs to be changed in the “catchup” options

setting the options to any and then returning to the settings that are correct,

then the archive returns,

there have been several pvr, input stream direct updates in recent weeks,
for windows and android, maybe there is something important for coreelec as well.


Nope in CE19 we used the bog standard IPTV Simple client. Contact the authors.

everything works on windows and android, the problem is in coreelec

ok I will try in the evening on the kodi forum


Maybe it’s a skin issue. I’m using this addon every day, and never seen this problem.

after reboot

I think I found a problem, I had 2 pvr where 1 worked as a radio probably collided with pvr simple, after uninstalling and rebooting coreelec the archive shows normal …


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