PVR TV is sputtering

Hello Gentlemen,
i have an issue with the TV stream. Image and sound from the Waipu PVR plugin is very sputtering and sometimes the buffering-circle appears for a short time. I made a fresh install with CE19.2rc2 and 19.1 on a Tanix TX3 box, the PVR Plugin is the only one installed addon, only the most important system settings are changed (ssh and so on). Inet connection is fast (50mbit) and stable. I have tested with SDcard, USB-stick, LAN and Wifi, with disconnected Pihole - always the same. Now I am gradually desperate, because I try for days to bring this little dirtbag to work.
Any tips for me?

Edit: debug files replaced, I hope, I have done right the logging now (Sorry, I´m new to this)

This might be a good place to start:


This is an unofficial plugin. It is provided by volunteers and not related to Exaring AG or waipu.tv. For any support regarding this plugin, please create a github issue.

The Disclaimer seems outdated, since Kodi 19 its an official plugin. I have installed from official Coreelec Addon repo. Because I am not sure, whether its an issue of CE or the plugin, I search help from here…

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