QBox S905 - what to install

I have a QBox with an S905 in it (not the S905X). Various updates to the box have rendered the OpenVPN add-in inoperable.

So, a clean install.

However, I don’t know what version to download that will install and allow the OpenVPN module to work (it seems to want Python3).

The latest download (matrix 19.5) don’t seem to have an option for anything older than S905X.

Do the older 9.2.8 versions install with Python3?

Any thoughts on how to get this box running again? It’s old, but worked just fine for my needs until OpenVPN stopped working.



If you’re using OpenVPN manager, you can use the version that doesn’t require python3. Just install it and don’t mess with it after that.

Maybe try Zomboided VPN Manger

Zomboided on Github

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