Qeustion about skins and PVR

Hi All,

does anyone know any skins, that show a scaled down render of the playing channel while in the main guide page?

i currenrly use Aeon nox with a manual hack of PVR someone did to look like the old Sky boxes some years ago. Guide is great but it was a WIP and teh guy doing it stopped, so lots of other stuff doesnt work.

i know i can go and grab every skin in the repo and look for something that way, but like to keep my install clean and not add/remove stuff all the time.

hoping to find something that uses simialr method as nox so i can hack it in like i did with the Sky mock up!


I use estuary modv2 and just noticed it’s shows playing channel bottom left while in the guide (don’t use this view generally myself).
If you want to try it’s in the kodinerds repo.

cool thanks will check it out

Best pvr skin i found : Unfussy skin , skip to 00:22 Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Eminence has what you’re looking for.