query: N2 projector video 4k + receiver dolby true HD works?

hello, a query: I want to connect the N2 to a 4k epson TW7000 projector to send 4k HDR videos + Denon AVR 1911 receiver that does not support 4k, but if it supports dolby true HD and DTS master HD, is there any way it works?
The N2 has only 1 HDMI output, could I use an HDMI splitter? to send the video to the projector and the sound to the receiver, and that it works?
What other method could work?
Thanks a lot.

Hi, the HDMI splitter seems to be the best way to me ;). But beware of the technical capabilities you need, 2.0, 2.1 HDMI? I didn’t own one of this, but I think that those with a PSU are a better choice to keep the signal intensity in the 2 cables (but is there this risks with a numerical signal?). I didn’t know if the ARC will work if you use it ;). I don’t see any other way for your problem.