Query re wiki entry for N2

I see the following in the wiki in regard to N2/N2+ and I just want to clarify something:

Petitboot (PB) version 2022 03 17 or better is required for use with CoreELEC. This version adds support for compressed Amlogic MultiDTB.

Is this PB version needed only if I boot from SPI (switch in left position) or is it needed if I only ever boot from the eMMC or uSD card with the switch in right position?

My working assumption is that I ignore PB updates unless I’m booting the N2+ via Petitboot.

Petitboot is used only when booting from SPI flash which means SPI switch in left position.
When switch is on right position boot goes directly from eMMC or SD.

There are occasional issues with CoreELEC when booting from SPI that’s why preferred way is to not using it.

Ok, thanks. That’s what I thought. The wiki is not clear that latest PB update is required only if you are using Petitboot to run CoreELEC from storage. With CE on the eMMC or uSD and the switch in the eMMC position, then PB is not involved at all? I thought that maybe the updated install for PB might affect some non-volatile settings on the board firmware needed for successful CE boot.

The part you are quoting applies to 2 of the options to migrate CoreELEC to eMMC, which both depend on Petitboot (option B & C) as well as to anyone who dual boots CoreELEC.

Thanks, I thought that might be what it applied to, but I felt it was a bit ambiguous the way I read it. I only asked as I’m having a different issue with my N2+ (it has a defective USB3 hub) and I wasn’t sure whether my recent update of Petitboot to 20220803 might have influenced some error messages I’m seeing in dmesg. I think they are due to newer kernel and have nothing to do with PB updates as I don’t boot from SPI in any case.

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I concur with your observation and added a line to clarify.

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Thanks @Betatester :smiley:

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