Question about ambilight kit

Hello experts,

I am running on latest coreelec, on mecool KM8.
I would like to ask if anyone have any experiences with this chinese ambilight kit :

Would it be possible to make it work with Kodi addon or via hyperion for example ?
Have zero experience and would be thankful for any advice.

I’m skeptical of this package.

It’s available on other sites, like Amazon and AliExpress:

It’s shown using AmbiBox software, and there hasn’t been a new version of it since 2014. That said, AmbiBox worked with Kodi back in the day; but I’m not sure how it works now. The setup application also only works on Windows—versus say, HyperCon (Hyperion, cross-platform Java) or Boblight (cross platform). Some resellers also mention needing “compatible television”, whatever that means.

In addition, the minimum price makes me very leery of the quality. A price of $15 USD isn’t telling me you’re getting either great quality LEDs or power supply, let alone control box.

It’s not expensive, so you’re not out a lot money if it doesn’t work. That said, it’s a pain in the ass if it dies and you love the ambilight experience and need to find a replacement.

You’ve reminded me however, that I have an Arduino and 3m of lights that I need to get working with my own Kodi box…

Using you can easily run similar kits from China.

Once it will arrive and I will be able to make it work, I’ll write my experiences here. Thank you for help

BTW, should I install as Kodi addon or directly to OS ?

If you use CoreELEC you should use the Addon