Question about ambilight kit

Hello experts,

I am running on latest coreelec, on mecool KM8.
I would like to ask if anyone have any experiences with this chinese ambilight kit :|parentrq%3A6c4ba1b316c0ad31c35bf50cffe493a4|iid%3A1

Would it be possible to make it work with Kodi addon or via hyperion for example ?
Have zero experience and would be thankful for any advice.

I’m skeptical of this package.

It’s available on other sites, like Amazon and AliExpress:

It’s shown using AmbiBox software, and there hasn’t been a new version of it since 2014. That said, AmbiBox worked with Kodi back in the day; but I’m not sure how it works now. The setup application also only works on Windows—versus say, HyperCon (Hyperion, cross-platform Java) or Boblight (cross platform). Some resellers also mention needing “compatible television”, whatever that means.

In addition, the minimum price makes me very leery of the quality. A price of $15 USD isn’t telling me you’re getting either great quality LEDs or power supply, let alone control box.

It’s not expensive, so you’re not out a lot money if it doesn’t work. That said, it’s a pain in the ass if it dies and you love the ambilight experience and need to find a replacement.

You’ve reminded me however, that I have an Arduino and 3m of lights that I need to get working with my own Kodi box…

Using you can easily run similar kits from China.

Once it will arrive and I will be able to make it work, I’ll write my experiences here. Thank you for help

BTW, should I install as Kodi addon or directly to OS ?

If you use CoreELEC you should use the Addon

Did you get it to work with that kit?


It works with very well

that sounds good!
i’d like to have this too…
is there anything i have to take care of when buying a LED stripe? have a lg oled65c7v. any recommendation?