Question about MXQ Plus

Hi every one,

I save from a friend an “old” (2017) Android TV Box. He didn’t use anymore and started to put the box in garbage.
So, I took it with the idea to give it to my mother by law who want a system to watch (sometime) replay TV.
After testing it, I feel the system is to complex for a boomer. The Android version is not at all for TV (personnaly, I have de NVIDIA Shield which is designed for TV) and the apps are not adapted to be used by remote.
So, I installed Kodi on the box. But, I thing is still to complicated for her. She would need to use first Android launcher, open the apps page and then open Kodi. I think it could be better if the box open directly on Kodi.

After some researches on the web, I found your project. It looks like what I want for her.
My problem now it’s that I don’t know which image to download and install.
If some body to help me for that.

The box is a MXQ Plus (no other informations about manufacturer) with this specifications:
CPU: Amlogic S905 Quad core 64-bit Cortex A53
GPU: Penta-core Mali-450
RAM: 1Gib DDR3
Storage: 8Gib
The box has 4 USB-ports and a SD card slot (up to 32GB if I believe the user manual) too.

Thank a lot.

While you still can install and use the legacy (9.2.8) edition of CoreELEC, we ended support for our legacy product on DEC 31st 2021. The -NG edition (19.x) will not work with SoC S905.

CoreELEC installation instructions can be found here.

@Betatester Thank a lot for the answer.
I will try it.

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