Question about phandle in dts file

Phandle is a ID number of node in dts file.
For example,“clocks = <0x6 0x8 0x6 0x9 >”,
and " dvfs800_cfg {
clk_freq = <0x2f34f600>;
clk_parent = “gp0_pll”;
clkp_freq = <0x2f34f600>;
voltage = <0x47e>;
keep_count = <0x5>;
threshold = <0xe6 0xff>;
linux,phandle = <0x6>;
phandle = <0x6>;
Maybe,0x6 in clocks is for node dvfs800_cfg ( phandle = 0x6 ).
But, If there is other integer number “0x6” elsewhere in dts code,How to know if it is a actual value or a phandle?

Upload dts and we will see.

I am not referring to a particular dts file, I mean a number in the dts code , how to determine it refers to a parameter or a phandle. For example, If there is a command line “para=<0x6 0x7>”,the number 0x6 0x7 are the parameter of para ,or they are referencing the nodes which pandle are defined <0x6> <0x7>.

You need to look around and to make inference where is used to see if this is phandle or just value.

In case above phandle = 0x6 from dvfs800_cfg is probably tbl in bifrost node.

I think maybe I got the answer. For each specific property, its value has a specific type.For example,property “clocks”,its value type is < clock device phandle >.But I don’t know where to download the property manual,for example the ”tbl=<0x2 0x3 0x4 0x5 0x6>”,I can only guess that its value type is phandle.

I couldn’t find documentation for tbl. You can look into linux sources for device trees where phandle has the name and not just number. Eventually yyou will figure out it all.

Some generic doc: