Question about user profiles

I have everything running with excellence and I forgot my ID and password.
Its a Libre AmL-S905X-cc running Coreelec 19.5 RC2

can anybody help be so I can interrupt the boot process and be able to create a new user or inquire as to the existing users ?

many thanks

It is unclear what you forgot. SSH password, Kodi profile, …

The 1st ID and PW that is presented to me after all the booting data

Sorry, you are still very unclear.

Please make a photo of your TV/Screen telling us what password/id you don’t know or lost.

At first boot / installation you are asked/warned about ssh

You are supposed to keep default.

Did you create your own?

Is this what you are referring to?

My apologies to all but I think that I have the wrong micro-sd card in the boot slot. If I ever get this resolved or find the correct sd card, I will try and sort this out.

Apologies again as I hang my head in shame.

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