Question for Ugoos AM6 Plus owners

I was wondering if someone who owns a Ugoos AM6 Plus is willing to do a test for me.

Right now, I own a Minix U9-H. It works perfectly, however I am still on CoreELEC-S912.arm-9.0-nightly_20181206. In the build after that some changes in HEVC decoding were made that makes 4K HEVC playback in rare occasions, when bitrates peaks very high, stutter on my device. It was already discussed (Stuttering video with some 4K HEVC movies), apparently it’s a compromise. Every now and then I try a new release but it was never changed back.

So, I was hoping that with a new quality S922X-J device, such as the AM6 Plus, this is no longer an issue. Would any of you who own this device be willing to test 2 clips that have this issue for me? These clips are cut from full remuxes and play fine on my U9-H as long as I stick to the 2018-12-06 CE version. Clips also play fine on my PC. The problem in playback on newer CE versions on my U9-H is quite obvious and not hard to spot: after a couple of seconds the video stalls (audio continues) and then after a couple of seconds video is rebuffered and resumes. The clips are form Interstellar and Parasite. Warning: the Parasite clip is quite a spoiler so if you still have to see this (great) movie, don’t watch the clip.

DRTL: Would someone who owns a Ugoos AM6 Plus be willing to test the clips in the wetransfer link below?

Clips (download only valid for a week):

I don’t have AM6 PLUS box, “only” PRO but can’t see any stutter during playback. I’m on stable CE 9.2.2 version.

Thank you very much for testing!