Question: Intel 6600K & Z170 MB

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I would like to know if i can run CE on this setup. Reason for asking is my N2+ is really taking a long time to read from my NAS and i do not know why.

So i am thinking to setup something more powerful for this yes it might be overkill but if there is parts around then ti should work ?

OR can i install this as an VM running on this machine i do not know so here for some advice, guidance etc…


As you can see here " About
CoreELEC is a ‘Just enough OS’ Linux distribution based on Kodi technology for popular Amlogic hardware." - no luck. You should post some logs (full logs) and maybe the devs can help you with debugging your communication between NAS an N2+.

HK Odroid N2+ its a powerful beast, maybe some special config from your network kills your speed.

Check also router or switch network speed and your network cables…

Thanks @Garcea & @copyer I will be doing this as well but i take it what i would like to do will not be wise and rather stick to my N2+ ?

Stick to N2+ - has a powerful GPU/VPU, better than Intel HD530 on that combo. You have hw acceleration, HDR support (Intel hasnt yet).

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