Quickly pressing buttons causes insane key repeats

so i got my rc keymap working fine and recognizes all buttons and works great if i am kinda slow with my button presses of the same keys, if i quickly press the same key a few times it registers like 5x the amount i actually pressed.

example when i open a search dialog box and try to go from a letter to one to the right thats 5 keys away i press “right” on my remote 5 times decently quickly but kodi shoots way past it by like 6 keys. but if i press right with a delay between each key press its fine.

also should note if i rapidly press different keys it registers them just fine too. for example if i rapidly go back and forth from left and right each individual key press is read and no duplicates are being registered.

if i run the command ir-keytable -p NEC,RC-5,RC-6,JVC,SONY -t
every key press is registered 4 times. so it seems maybe kodi needs some kind of delay or repeat configured within the meson-ir/rc configs? but i cannot find any documentation on how to configure that using meson-ir

Well i couldn’t get rc keymapping/Meson-ir to work without that issue. i just deleted all the rc files and went the route of remote.conf and it works good without that issue.

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