Qviart Undro 4k (S905-AVL6211) dvb not found

I install coreelec on sd card (dualboot) with gxbb_p200_k2_pro.dtb, boot and work well.
The box is made with Amlogic 905 and AVL6211 (attached photo), but dvb not found.

I try all driver addon and other dtb, but nothing. I also attach the kernel-log.


It would be great to get it to work, this box is very popular in spain.
Any help please? Thanks in advance. (and sorry for my english)

Welcome to the forum.

The box you are using has no previous posts or feedback on our forum.

There is little to no chance in getting the tuner working with CE.

I join the request and also comment that all these devices are the same hardware and the same satellite tuner. qviart undro 4K | ott 1200 4K | echolink tornado V9 uhd | ultimate tiger K10 | SAMSAT VOGUE ONE | gotit gt2017 …

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