Radio network error

Hello i have some problems with the radio addon on minix u22xj ,coreelec build 20.5 ,compiled 05/03/2024
All was working perfect…but now the radio not working …it give me radio network error all the time when i try to play radio stations …
There is no network problem ( the weather addon work perfect…)
I try uninstall radio ,re start coreelec ,install radio again …but its the same …radio network error…
I use the box only for radio ,weather ,ripped cd on external usb hdd with touchscreen ,so no bad manipulation …in coreelec…
Somebody have idea what can it be ??

No idea. But Kodi log could tell something.

Maybe you can check if i give you acces ??

Same problem with plugin radio. Not working since many days with Beelink Gt King / coreelec

I test the radio addon on my android phone with kodi ,wifi + 4g …same …is not working ,the problem not come from coreelec…its the addon how have a problem ,give all time network error ,wifi ,4g / rj45 , kodi ,coreelec…on all divices …impossible to open radio stations …

If you have access to Kodi Nerds repo

Try radio .de addon

It is the light version
So not as many options

It works!!

  • It is in German ,but easy to understand
    Only 3 categories
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