RAM becomes extremely small in IDLE

Good evening

In my CE (20.5), which is connected / installed to my Dune Homatics R 4K plus via an external SSD via USB, the free memory has been decreasing at idle for quite some time.

Yesterday I had mini stutters / freezes a few times while watching movies, which only occur when the free memory is only 30-35%, i.e. 65-70% is occupied. But I don’t know what the problem is. My system is kept very lean by the addons and is connected to two NAS via nfs.

I restarted the Dune last night, so that the memory is again at the appropriate size, then about 85% of the total size is available, so 15% is already occupied. That was after the restart.

Then I checked this afternoon at about 4pm, the occupied memory was already at 23% and then a few minutes later 25% and now at 33%.

It can’t be that something is constantly running. The CPU utilization bar is also constantly jumping up and down.

Has anyone else experienced this and has any ideas on how to solve the problem?

Can make a log for checking the processes.

edit://log file:
kodi.old.log (1.7 MB)

edit2://log file today (short):
kodi.log (753.1 KB)

edit3://video (short):