Random frame skips on 8.95.7 S905x

First off thanks for the great work on the software for these devices!

Device Tanix TX5 Pro - s905x, 2gig ram, running on Sandisk UHS-1 64gb card

Have been watching a variety of videos and notice a small number of frame skips, typically 4-10 skips (according to ctrl-shift-o) over the course of a 20-45 minute video. I usually get 1 or 2 frame skips at the start of the video, which might be normal due to frame rate switching), however after that there a few more skips in the middle of the video and the locations are not repeatable. Not sure if this is normal behavior as it is a relatively small issue, but still curious.

Log below from start up, playing a 1080p AAC5.1.HEVC mkv video.

Much appreciated for any help / support!