Random Kodi Crashes on Odroid N2+

Hi all,

im running a new installation of CoreELEC 19.2-Matrix_rc3 (Linux 4.9.113) on an Odroid N2+ SBC.

I expierence random restarts of kodi ((19.1.0) Git:e1d5be86494746261b701a8c9dae796cfcbcd42e) with the following crash log:


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This looks like a hardware related issue to me.
Try it with a new SD card and see if it still occurs.
Try it with a known good power supply.
If it still restarts, your N2+ probably has a problem.

Edit: A team member mentioned that it could be related to buggy UPnP code in Kodi itself.

Exact same problem here with CoreElec 19.2 rc3

Suspected a KODI- plugin problem, but problem remains after removing all plugins.


Try latest 19.2-Matrix and if still issue then upload crashlog. May be something visible there.

Thanks for your reply.

The SD card is new, I would exclude it.

I have exchanged the power supply (transformer power supply of an old WRT54G 12V 1A) against a switching power supply with 9V 0.6A.

I have also turned off UPnP.

Since yesterday I have no more crashes. The power supply (although somewhat undersized) does not seem to have been the problem in my opinion. A CPU stress test with “stress-ng” ran for about 4h while a stream was running.

I’ll report back if I find out anything else.

I I remember correctly, the N2+ typically utilises a 12v/1.5a or 12v/2a ac adapter,by default so seeing 12v/1a would seem underpowered if the manufacturer themselves are not supplying it.

Upgraded to CE 9.2. Still random crashes.
System is constantly idling, not a single mouse- or keyboard click.
Only background EPG is running.

Crash Log over here CrashLog

I would also exclude a power supply problem. I have a 50W MEANWELL PSU connected, which is more than sufficient.

Thanks for taking care.

Could nail down the problem a bit.
Seems a problem around the SAMBA shares. If a foreign computer is booted and tries to access the SMB shares, this crash occurs.

Will try to investigate further.
IMHO, SMB has absolute nothing to do in an application. It is and must stay standalone.

Hi Gerry,

sorry to hear that there are still crashes on your side.

I have not expierenced any crashes since i disabled uPnP. I also upgraded to the latest CE19.2 and seems to run pretty stable now.

Which SMB protocols do you use?
I only use the Odroid as client to access SMB shares from a NAS. Since this NAS only supports SMB1 i enabled this protocol somewhere in the options of CoreELEC. Maybe its worth to try this out?


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SOLVED, at least for me …

Hi all,
at least I found the cause of my crash.
It was ./config/samba.conf → logfiles → root preexec = createlog
Commenting this off

# root preexec = createlog

and no more crashes.

The crashes do occur only if you try to access ‘logfiles’ via SAMBA from a foreign computer.
It appeared only on ever new access which might seem to make it random.

‘usr/bin/createlog’ is a script. No idea what is behind it.


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