Randomly crash kodi - N2 - CoreElec

Hi everyone,

Excuse me for my bad English I’m a French user.
I have a problem with my N2 (CoreElec
I read the content of my Google Drive with rclone as well as the content of an external USB hard drive
Randomly when I playing some videos my N2 starts loading then stops. Kodi interface restart.
External hard drive or rclone. Then it is necessary to restart N2 because I cannot play any video afterwards.
The strangest thing is that when I launch these videos from the remote control application “Yatse” the problem does not happen.

Logs and video : https://pastebin.com/X98AZ0sD

No problem with my Intel NUC with Librelec and rclone mount.

Do you have an idea ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


No idea ?

If you switch the the default Estuary skin, what happens then?

What are you using to start the video when the problems occur, a remote. mouse …?


Same bug with Estuary
I use a remote (Harmony)

Thanks for your reply

No Idea ?
I have lot of video who do not want to launch when I launch it from the menu.
no problem i launch this video with “yatse” or “kore”
thanks for your help

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