Raspberry con coreelec

Es posible o está en mente instalar coreelec en raspberry?

No, Libreelec is the best option. Coreelec is only intended for use on AMLogic devices. Libreelecs main focus is on development for RaspPi and Intel based hardware. Libreelec works fantastically well on RaspPi’s and that applies to Leia.

Coreelec was setup in response to a policy decision of Team Libreelec to actively discourage development for the AMLogic chips.


Also to add that Milhouse is the best address for Raspberry Pi builds.

Milhouse -> synonym for on the edge RPi nightly builds :slight_smile:

can I ask why? amlogic devices are the best at price/performance, almost perfect boxes able to do anything (4k, hdr, tv, …)

The reason why Libreelec discouraged development for the AML chips is because they depend on an old Kernel which is so out of line with Linux mainline that it is quite difficult to maintain. It is also in anticipation of Kodi removing all special fixes to make Kodi work on AML hardware. This was a bit premature on the part of LE since the decision to drop AML fixes in Kodi was dropped for Leia release.
Basically in future the only hardware that will be supported by Kodi/LE will be hardware that is supported by mainline Linux kernel. Since most of the ARM based hardware are license bound not to release open source graphics drivers which run on Linux - the work of bringing AML and the other ARM chips into mainline Linux falls to the open source community and it is a slow process which is always playing catch up.


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Thx for the explanation… it sounds sad

Is any light in the tunnel? I don’t see any better and such a versatile device like AML boxes. How necessary is to have the latest kernel for such low powered boxes, is it really so necessary? Any open source progress for fully functional AML? Any possibility to adapt future Kodi for AML within CE (switch kernel,…)?

“Any open source progress for fully functional AML?”
CE isn’t good enough for you? :slight_smile:

of course it is!!! but I’m talking about future, it means also Kodi 19 :slight_smile:

Kodi 19 is at the very least 1 to 2 years away, and it’s a complete unknown at this point what Kodi 19 will and will not have feature and support wise.

Coincidentally feature complete mainline kernel is also between that time frame and never away.