Raxxio TX3 mini 2G boots only with gxl-p281-1G

So I got this device.

Android says there is 2GB
CPU-Z says there is 2GB
CPU-Z says the board is p281

CoreElec won’t boot with gxl-p281-2G
But boots with gxl-p281-1G

I ran cat /proc/device-tree/amlogic-dt-id and yes, it’s actually on p281-1G

I would believe it’s the same problem has: Coreelec does not boot in X96 mini - #108 by Sholander

Is the only conclusion that it’s a ripoff and that should go straight back to Amazon ?

Of course, once it’s booted, System Info says there is only 1G of RAM.

What to do about that ?

If the box works and you need it just for CE, you could keep it. Of course, its a ripoff, a fake box advertised with 2G, if the output of cat command shows 1GB that’s all you can get. Curious about S905M2 SoC, looks like a clone of S905L, maybe System info confuses with S905W.

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