Realtek 8192EU and MT7601U supported on Coreelec 9.0.x?

Hi guys, the internal wifi chip on my mecool m8s pro+ S905X isn’t supported in coreelec/libreelec 9.0.x, i was wondering if the Realtek 8192EU is supported by libreelec/coreelec 9.0.x as i’m thinking of buying a usb wifi adapter that uses that chip.

Also is the MT7601U supported?

Yes both are supported in CoreELEC.

There is a thread with confirmed working wifi adapters available here.


Gigabit USB adapter with chipset; “ASIX AX 88179” and “Realtek 8153” work, they help the x96mini “a bit” to run 50MBits videos smoothly… but don’t expect too much, it’s just not an upgrade to the Ethernet port of the box.