Reboot to eMMC/NAND in Power menu

Is it possible to hide the menu item “Reboot to eMMC / NAND” when CoreELEC is loaded from NAND?
This is implemented in AlexELEC:

If that is hidden how you can reboot back to emmc when a sd card in the box?
It should be hidden only when no usb or sd card attached.

When CE is booted from NAND, why is this item needed? Those. this is the same as a normal reboot.
Forgive me for bad english.

Just wrote it.

You are saying you don’t use Dual Boot.
CE Installed To Internal only.
You want to remove the menu item “Reboot to eMMC / NAND”

Yes that’s right :slight_smile:
System can automatically determine that CE has booted from NAND and does not display this menu item.

I Just realised I’ve never removed SD Card on my Internal CE which has SD LE Krypton.
I’ll check later and see what i get.

I don’t understand why it is bother you?
If menu removed then you have to remove card and pen drive to boot to emmc.
Now you have a choice where you want to boot from your coach.

I believe the question pertains to CoreELEC installed to internal only.
Since setups involving installtointernal are not supported by CE, as stated numerous times throughout these forums, please confirm what your actual setup is.

This has caught the Devs attention.

As Installtointernal is not supported with CE
No guarantee it will be a feature implemented as CE is developed as a Dual Boot System.

The patch for the Estuary Skin was implemented back in August 2018.

As much as I can see why you want this implemented I personally think this is counterproductive to our anti-installtointernal stance.

CoreELEC is for the community and I want to keep true to the words of why we started it but the developers can not in good conscience support it, it causes far too many issues time and time and time again.

Yes, thank you very much for the answer.
I don’t quite understand why the developers decided not to support the “installtointernal” mode, since it is very convenient.
But, apparently, there are objective reasons :slight_smile:
In addition, if (as in the proposed fixes) checking for “installtointernal” (System.IsNandInstall), only those who use “installtointernal” will notice the absence of the menu item.
I again apologize for my English.

As explained it causes too many issues, some people have bricked their boxes and some have been unable to reinstall Android, it places a very big support burden on the team when things go wrong.

I fail to see how it is convenient for anyone, it is highly inconvenient for the team this feature when we have to continually assist users with the problems it causes.

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